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Alix Abbamonte

Alix Abbamonte

Alix Abbamonte, Media Relations Specialist

Alix Abbamonte is a highly motivated, enthusiastic media professional who brings a creative edge and a positive attitude to her PR career. Her experience combines a background in reality TV production at MTV, Bravo and OWN with 12 years of traditional media relations. Alix’s dynamic personality engages journalists in every email sent from subject line to signature. Career highlights include launching “Ashleigh”, “The Dan Abrams Show” & “Cuomo” on emerging cable news channel NewsNation; guiding her client Concentric to achieve their goal of speaking at SXSW; and turning Pediatrician Dr. Dyan Hes into a household name with hundreds of interviews achieved throughout the pandemic (Most notably being on John Oliver’s ‘Last Week Tonight’).

Throughout her career, Alix has been able to credit her success to several key factors including excellent leadership skills, attention to detail and accuracy, client trust, high energy, and the ability to manage multiple tasks and meeting deadlines with exceptional results. A graduate of the University of Delaware, Alix is a focused, deadline driven ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker who moves any project from idea to final result.

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